Rye Dalton Prepares Her Team To Protect The Ranch

Preparing for conflict

Rye Dalton Prepares Her Team to Protect the Ranch

As Rye and her team braced for the anticipated confrontation, Alejandro Mendoza arrived with urgent news of the impending attack. The battle reached its climax when a group of cartel members attempted to outflank their position. Emma, positioned on the upper level of a barn, provided crucial cover with her sharpshooting skills. Hank, a ranch hand recently coming from Idaho where he was a backcountry hunting guide, alongside Danny Henderson, used their knowledge of the wilderness to create strategic diversions that caught the cartel members off guard. In a brief moment of calm amidst the chaos, Rye and Alejandro's eyes met, sharing a connection that went beyond words, a mutual understanding of the risks they faced. As the battle wore on, the cartel's resolve began to wane. The united front presented by the Dalton Ranch and the Hendersons were a formidable force.

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