Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows

When it's time to take a stand

The Characters

Rye Dalton

Rye Dalton

With a career as a counterterrorism analyst and successful background showing horses, Rye is a resilient ranch owner with a sharp mind and a deep sense of justice. Her unwavering commitment to her land and community sets her apart.
Alejandro Mendoza

Alejandro Mendoza

Secretary of Foreign Affairs
The Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico, a man of complex moral codes and a talent for survival. His unique perspective and unwavering loyalty make him an indispensable ally to Rye.
Mark Benson

Mark Benson

Counterterrorism Operative
A seasoned field agent and one of Rye's most trusted contacts within the counterterrorism unit.
Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

Ranch Foreman
The Dalton Ranch foreman and well respected member of the community, serving in a trusted capacity managing all operations of Rye's ranch.

take the journey

Stand With Rye and Alejandro in the Fight for Justice at the Dalton Ranch

Embark on a journey to the heart of the American Southwest. Get your copy of ‘Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows’ today and join Rye and Alejandro as they navigate the treacherous borderlands


The Threat Unfolds

As the southern border becomes a point of entry for nefarious figures, Rye, Alejandro, and their team face a perilous journey that will test their resolve and shake their understanding of right and wrong.

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